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A tropical haloha! Accompanied with a king coconut and isso vadey and you are ready to be welcomed to zMessenger; a place where we metamorphose your idea to create your own digital footprint, evolving constantly to infuse innovation and ingenuity to breed cutting edge IT enabled business solutions for all your mobile strategies.

Nestled in the warm island paradise of Sri Lanka, we are a vibrant pool of kooky, elegant and colourfully brained people… who have taken our work so seriously we have been awarded many accolades! To brag a little about ourselves we have the honour of being called pioneers in dynamic mobile marketing campaigns, branded community applications and content distribution strategies locally and internationally.

We groove to the changing tunes of the mobile market, happily and cheerfully singing “Anything you can imagine is possible” mentality , channeling our inner awe-inspiring creative brains to bring forth the best solution for your need.

zMessenger is not about business. It’s about people. The core of what we do is about understanding human behaviour….and that’s what makes us tick.



We take personal accountability for our actions and results

We actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions

We are proud of our services and products

We value, promote and fiercely protect our reputation


We are constantly making our future than defending our past

We are the catalyst for change

We never shy away from challenges

We promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and solutions

We learn from mistakes and success equally


We show respect for and value all individuals for diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas

We listen to others for understanding

Assume positive intent

Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them

Keep promises and commitments made to others


Focus on finding solutions and achieving results

Delight our customers and serve them diligently

We begin with an end in mind

Achieve results and celebrate when we do

Work with others as a team to accomplish results and win


Spirit and attitude that never gives up matter more than aptitude

Step back, step up, be savvy and take action

Never go down without a fight