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Marketing content is an art, like making an ideal cup of tea, a slow and soulful mixture of ingredients provide that perfect blend. Content Marketing is best done organically and most importantly by engaging real life experiences and solutions. At zMessenger, it’s not about us or our clients….it’s about what the audience have an appetite for…. , it’s about the need and relevancy of our subject – the content. Since we keep it real, it appeals to the Consumers.


zMessenger has a qwerky bunch of bloggers and Vloggers who are taken from all walks of life and come from the most unexpected and interesting of places. Their content is original and their styles are varied and hence capturing a larger audience, including diverse themes, writing styles, addressing issues in different genres of news, infotainment, entertainment and life style.


We create sophisticated content so as to include corporate branding in the solutions of everyday problems faced by consumers of different goods and services. The creation of corporate content is not to structure a brand to sell, but to reinvent the brand as a solution to everyday problems faced by an regular individual and as such entwine it with everyday life.


zMessenger’s digital strategy is all about complementing and aligning dynamic strategy towards brand target persons and enhancing the impact of the brand so deeply in the lifestyle requirements of the persons that it becomes synonymous with the norm and then breaks that norm to create a higher consciousness of that norm.