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Sri Lanka’s 29.3% Internet penetration is the next big fish for the Content Marketing. The Sri Lankan Digital Community boasts of a predominantly Young base of internet users which is significantly increasing every day. This also signifies that Millennials also are following suit within this increasing number. So, as a Digital Marketeer, the main question you got to ask yourself is: are you ready to create and reap from Content Marketing for the betterment of your Brand and Yourself?

Consumers are already in the Driving Seat. Have you called Shotgun?

The Evolved Consumer creates content to product and services that paves a lasting Journey. Brands need to responsibly trust and guide the Tone of Mind or Share of Voice consistently to Consumers. RELATIVE UGC is one of the best types of content as it comes with an already captivated audience plus an endorsement that costs you absolute zero in terms of creation. When a consumer posts a picture, review your product, appreciates your content it signifies an added positive waste for your Brand and Service. Brands need to leverage on UGC in correct manner. Every time brands market their products with customer content, conversion rate increase exponentially.


Google a top priority.

We Sri Lankans have the highest trust in google when compared to other online mediums. Apart from the”Sex” Search fiasco (mind you that it’s 3 years), people search about other things too. Such as product information, Reviews, News, Places, etc…… We all should agree that online search is the starting point and the validation source for any business information and news. SEM and display advertisements are crucial to ace the Content you are creating or endorsing. Content strategy should also start with researching, trending and high volume keyword phases – because at the end of the day; WE CREATE CONTENT FOR AUDIENCE AND NOT US!!!

Google a top priority


Vimukthi Muthukudaarachchi
Vimukthi Muthukudaarachchi
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