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It’s all about the connection – how and when it’s done and how it should be maintained. It means making astute and relevant recommendations about how to get the maximum spin out every penny invested by understanding the needs of our clients and recognizing what success truly means to them. We will keep you at the helm of mobile innovations, connecting you at the opportune moment with the opportune person with just the right amount of leverage.

SMS Campaigns

Having a direct gateway relationship with the all of the country’s mobile carriers, this basic and 100% delivery ensured method is one of the best in terms of outreach. zMessenger advises and channels your strategy in determining which product or service is best suited for a particular period and the frequency with which it should be leveled out to the public.


Brimming with innovative editors and publishers, we are experts in the art of storytelling. We create content and destinations to drive brand engagement and product sales. What we believe in is if you give people content they’re passionate about, they will do your marketing for you. We enable brands to tell stories that people want to share – and create strategies that improve engagement whilst creating digital destinations and mobile experiences that help brands to nurture communities.


Mobile Value Added Services is one of the hottest market segments in telephony today. From the Premier Celebrity Portal in Sri Lanka – STARFRIENDS™ to community empowering solutions like Lean English with British Council, we make sure our Services actually do add Value to the consumer. And yes, we make brand and product films for the social media age, with our own in-house studio and production team, we deliver memorable face-to-face events that connect brands with the people that matter.