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Z-Messenger wins distinguished awards at the South Asian Partnership Summit and Business Awards

“With 51% of the country’s population being female and only 20% in the business workforce, there is indeed work to be done in engaging women into the corporate world”, says Jayomi Lokuliyana, CEO & Co-founder of zMessenger and recent winner of the Best Women Entrepreneur of The Year 2016 award at the South Asian Partnership Summit and Business Awards. Speaking to Jayomi after her win, one got the impression that we were indeed in the presence of a woman who is pioneering the changing face of the corporate world with regards to women. A paradigm shifter, she exudes strength and determination, immuned to drawbacks, she encourages women not to give up but instead to turn their weaknesses into successes. Banking on her own advice Jayomi’s brainchild Z-Messenger, won accolades as being the Social Media & Digital Marketing Company of The Year 2016 at the recent awards.


The South Asian Business Awards honors and celebrates outstanding companies, organizations, and leaders within the South Asian business world. The main objective of the South Asian Partnership Summit is to provide a forum to establish the standards of excellence for quality development. It also looks towards honoring the people and organizations responsible for developing the most effective actions that exemplify that excellence. This year’s awards were attended by 200 senior leaders and bureaucrats from various countries with the South Asian region. The judging panel consisted of prominent senior leaders, researchers and academicians.

Z-Messenger has been in the industry for over 12 years, providing an excellence in service as the country’s first integrated mobile marketing company. They are pioneers in dynamic mobile marketing campaigns, branded community applications and content distribution strategies locally and internationally. Jayomi’s personal belief where “Anything you can imagine is possible” is the beat that vibes throughout the company, they empower brands. They understand human behavior and helps facilitate your inkling of an idea into a cultural change of belief. As a working parent, Jayaomi encourages all women to not loose sight of their dreams, sometimes the journey forward can be disheartening, but you are your only solution and the purveyor of your ambitions, they can be achieved.

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